Here Is How to View Instagram Posts Anonymously


Today, Instagram undoubtedly ranks as one of the top three most used social media platforms alongside countless others. What better way is there to catch up on world events, businesses, family, entertainment, or even a crush, than Instagram? This unique social media platform helps people connect and engage one another mainly with the means of audio and quality videos.

In all sense of it, Instagram helps people become more pleasant and friendly, just like any other social media platform. However, as it has this powerful effect of bringing people together, it also has an interesting downside.

Imagine having lots of people from all around the world viewing daily updates about yourself. This kind of publicity is beneficial to your brand and business; it also makes you vulnerable to stalkers and many more dangers.

Anyways, a feature that makes it easy to catch up on people’s lives and business updates on Instagram is the Instagram stories feature. This feature helps the owners of the account to easily detect who checked their stories by clicking on the “seen by” option. Instagram also makes it possible for the user to restrict people from viewing their stories.

So, what if you were a stalker, or you probably needed to view a person’s Instagram stories? Well, that’d mean that you’d need to do so anonymously. By taking to this path, it means you will be able to watch Instagram stories without getting caught, blocked, or restricted. The reason is that you will be checking out these stories without an account – so you won’t be tracked or blocked.

There will be no single trace or evidence that you have checked anyone’s story on Instagram. It’s also easy today to watch Instagram stories from any account, right in your web browser.


What The Instagram App Won’t Let You Do!

Unlike other social media platforms that have in-built features that enable users to view messages and status updates anonymously, Instagram cannot let you do so now. Why? Is this because of some policy of Instagram’s? Are they trying to ensure the protection of their users or what?

Well, this might not even be the case. It could just be because Instagram does not yet have these features to support viewing Instagram stories anonymously. So, what can you do? How can you catch up on these stories without being ‘caught?’

You will need to do this using third-party applications and tools; really, you can’t ‘stalk’ within the interface of the photo-sharing app.

Now that we’ve established that it is possible to watch stories anonymously, let’s see exactly how this would work.

Third-party tools come in handy.

When you want to watch IG stories anonymously, you need to learn a few tricks; one of which is the use of online tools. Many tools offer the option to watch people’s Instagram stories without them knowing. The drawback here is that with lots of tools come lots of ‘fakes.’ So, not all applications work as great as they’ve been advertised.

One thing about third-party tools is that they are free and do not require that you create an account, install software or download any app.

Here’s one little thing to keep in mind before using third-party online tools

You need to tread with caution when using these tools as an insta viewer. As you go ahead to view Instagram anonymously, do ensure that you bear the rule of Instagram in mind. If you proceed to use the viewed content in ways that break the rules of Instagram, you will be held responsible.

Here is how you can view Instagram stories by using a website

Anonymously viewing IG stories is as easy as searching for any stuff online. Most websites that offer this service have a couple of steps common to them. Here’s how it works:

  • First, you will need to visit your mobile browser or web browser, input the website name, and search. When you get to the homepage of your choice site, proceed to login or sign-up.
  • The next step is to enter the account’s username you wish to view. While you do this, you may choose to either use the @ handle format or write the username plainly – it will also suffice. You could also copy the URL of the account from your clipboard, and paste it here on the search bar of the tool. It’s all your choice. However, if done correctly, the account should automatically be shown to you.
  • It works like the Instagram app, such that for you to view the story, you will need to tap into the account’s profile photo. The way to know that there’s a story available for you is the colorful ring around the profile photo.
  • For some other websites, they may have a different interface, such that, you won’t be able to view the stories by tapping on the profile photo, but through another means. Different websites have their unique creative drives. This also plays out in how they organize their interface. So, don’t be surprised that your chosen website may require that you click on just one button, and you will see all the available stories on Instagram and more.
  • After learning about the uniqueness of the webpage, and wish to go on, then it would then be your secret weapon for a long time indeed.

Why would you want to watch another person’s story anonymously?

As humans, no matter how tough we may seem on the outside, we remain social beings – which means we depend on one another to survive. Alright, that’s by the way.

The desire to keep tabs on an ex-partner, a former friend, colleague, or workmate could be so strong as to turn you into a creepy stalker. There are certain times when checking up on someone’s life without them knowing could be a guilty pleasure. Everyone is ‘creepy’ to a fair extent! But, trying to keep tabs on these people by launching into the Instagram app will ruin the fun since they’ll be notified almost immediately.

Well, at other times, maybe you’re not playing the ‘stalker’ game; you probably need to be discrete with how you handle your life on social media.

Also, for marketers and brands, as part of their market analysis, they may need to anonymously check up on an influencer before reaching out to them for a campaign. The same works for influencers – checking the stories uploaded to another account may be helpful, especially when they think their content is being plagiarized.

Individuals being trolled or cyberbullied may need to keep a record of offensive statements shared by the offending account, and checking these stories anonymously could be essential.

In the end, being skilled at viewing Instagram stories anonymously could come in handy at some point.

Some ‘Sneaky’ Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions for you on how to anonymously view Instagram without creating an actual account or even if you already have a live account.

Get an anonymous account on Instagram.

With an anonymous Instagram account, you can check everyone’s status without them getting notified automatically. Instagram affords you the ability to have at least two accounts; so, one could be your original account, and the other will be the anonymous one. So, when you wish to view any story while leaving no tracks, proceed to switch between both accounts.

Airplane Mode

Using the airplane mode makes it possible for you to watch Instagram stories without displaying your name on the list of viewers. With Instagram, once you come online, all the newly-updated stories available will automatically preload; this makes it possible to view IG stories when you’re offline. So, one way to go offline is to put your phone on airplane mode and view those stories without them knowing.

Here’s the only issue. With this method, not all the stories will preload, especially those posted sequentially by the user. So, it may be difficult to view all the stories offline, via airplane mode.


Third-party Applications

Without an account on Instagram, or even without logging in, you can view IG stories anonymously, thanks to the third-party apps available. The challenge with this option is that not all the applications or sites are secure, and so, it’s best to tread with caution.

You could start by posting the user handle of the account you wish to view on the website’s homepage. Another drawback here is that it can only allow you to view stories displayed on public accounts, and not those of private accounts.

Advantages of viewing Instagram stories anonymously.

  • View your competitor’s content anonymously.

One way to boost your business revenue is by healthy market research of the prospects and the competition. Since both the competitors and customers don’t smile at being stalked, the best way to do so is by anonymously viewing their stories.

  • Fulfill your curiosities

In the case of a former lover or crush, the desire to catch up on how things are going with them is quite compelling. You may want to keep close tabs without coming off as needy or letting them trample on your ego. Watching their IG stories always helps to serve this purpose.

  • You don’t need an Instagram account.

There are now applications that help you spy legitimately without even owning an Instagram account. In cases where you need to protect your identity while researching, this could be an advantage.

Disadvantage and drawbacks

  • Obsession

In the case of an ex-lover, knowing now that you could easily spy on their stories without their knowledge could turn into an obsession for you. In this case, you may even get more hurt in the process, especially if you’re still emotionally attached.

  • Plagiarism

The ability to view other people’s stories without them knowing, leaves room for plagiarism, especially amongst content creators. Since the internet has made information widely accessible and open, someone far away who’s doing a similar business might creep in and plunder your business ideas anonymously.

  • Insecurity

No one wants to be in a situation where they feel they’re being followed. This state of paranoia could have a lot of negative consequences on their mental health. It gets worse when the stalker begins to make defaming comments or does other activities against your account. All thanks to Instagram, now, it’s possible to protect from such acts by blocking these individuals.

Are you a business owner?

Now you know how powerful Instagram can be in helping businesses grow through ‘anonymous’ Instagram viewership in the context of market research. The questions to ask include:

  • What are my competitors doing?
  • What do my customers want?
  • What makes my competitor’s product so unique?
  • How can I improve on my current product or service?
  • What product will I create that’d be hot in the market?
  • What are the current trends?

All these questions could be answered by using the information in this article to view your market space (online) anonymously.

Is it possible to take screenshots of people’s Instagram stories without them knowing?

Unless it came from the direct message feature, a user can’t know if you took a screenshot of their stories. The same applies to screenshots taken of people’s Instagram stories; it is impossible to know if people took a screenshot of your stories on Instagram. Anyways, in the nearest future, this social media application, Instagram, may go on to improve on the screenshot notifications in the times to come.


For many reasons, different people from different works of life view Instagram stories anonymously. These reasons may be business-inspired, emotional, or just for fun. Many applications and websites offer the option of viewing Instagram stories anonymously; however, some of them come with glitches and the drawbacks of being malicious. In all, properly checking for the best sites will help you view these stories anonymously without having any worries.

Also, the advantages are numerous – from maximizing profits to stalking without being caught. It is safe to say that viewing Instagram stories anonymously serves different purposes for different people.